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Mencari berdasarkan Subjek "020.1"

Mencari berdasarkan Subjek "020.1"

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  • Buschman, John E.; Given, Lisa M.; Gloria J. Leckie (Libraries Unlimited, 2017-08-22)
  • Herbert S. White; White, Herbert S. (Libraries Unlimited, 2017-08-22)
    IIn this thought-provoking collection of articles and speeches, White focuses on the professional issues confronting librarians at a time of increased technological options-when information can directly and easily be ...
  • DeCandido, GraceAnne A.; GraceAnne A. DeCandido (American Library Association, 2017-08-22)
    Public libraries, nonprofits, literacy organizations, and community groups can all use the practical and specific information in this book to tackle the endemic problem of illiteracy in America.
  • Chapman, David; Ramage, Magnus (Routledge, 2017-08-25)
  • Chapman, David; Ramage, Magnus (Routledge, 2017-08-14)
  • Gregory, Gwen Meyer; Gwen Meyer Gregory (Information Today, Inc., 2017-08-22)
    The role of academic librarian is far from cut-and-dried. For starters, there are the numerous job classifications: staff or professional employment, full faculty status, various forms of tenure, continuing contract, and/or ...

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