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Literature for English Advanced Two, Student Text

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dc.description.abstract Literature for English contains high-interest stories by famous writers, covering a variety of genres, such as folktales, science fiction, and autobiography. The language level is controlled so that students with limited English skills can easily understand the stories. Selections in the Beginning- and Intermediate-level books are divided into a number of short, illustrated sections. Many of the chapters in the Advanced-level books contain theme-related stories and poems. Students are introduced to literary elements such as plot, character, setting, conflict, and theme. Students will also learn to use critical thinking skills -- making predictions, drawing conclusions, and making inferences. Although skill development throughout the five books is progressive, teachers can alter the sequence for intermediate- and advanced-level readers. Student Book Organization Each Literature for English student book follows a similar format. A pre-reading section, Getting Ready to Read, introduces each story. This section is divided into three parts: The Story and You, Learning About Literature, and Looking Ahead. It provides high-interest material to motivate the student to read the story and also offers important information about elements of literature. Each story is followed by a comprehensive four-part skills check. These activities contain hands-on practice in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It includes the following exercises: Check Your Reading provides ten self-scoring multiple-choice questions that review reading comprehension, vocabulary, and idioms. A score chart at the end of the book graphically illustrates student progress. Understanding the Story contains a variety of exercises that use directed writing activities for mastery of reading comprehension, sentence structure, verbs, parts of speech, writing, and punctuation. Hints are provided to help students improve their grammar. Studying the Story activities provide opportunities for students to work together to improve their listening, speaking, and writing skills and contain specific as well as open-ended writing assignments and exercises. Thinking About Literature Gives students the opportunity to work with graphic organizers and develop critical thinking skills.
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dc.subject.ddc 420.7
dc.title Literature for English Advanced Two, Student Text
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